Human Trafficking Conviction in Calgary in Amanda McGee Case

CBC is reporting that Amanda McGee has plead guilty to charges of human trafficking, forcible confinement, and sexual assault, and will receive 8 years in prison.


By pleading guilty, McGee, likely avoided a longer prison sentence, where in the remarks from the judge,

…a guilty conviction through a trial would have would have amounted to a sentence of life in prison.

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New Action Plan Report on Sex Trafficking in Edmonton

Along with a Core Team of local experts, service providers and policy makers, ACT Alberta released a report titled, Engaging Community: Addressing Sex Trafficking in Edmonton. A result of a 2.5 year long project, this report examines the realities of sex trafficking in Edmonton and provides a comprehensive Community Action Plan to reduce and prevent sex trafficking in the city.

Click the image below to download the full report.

Click the image below to download the summary report.

Additional media coverage of the event.

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Human Trafficking News Last Month

Summary courtesy of ACT Alberta.

  • A 45-year-old Sudbury, ON man charged with sex trafficking back in June is headed to the courts in December
  • 32-year-old Ontario man & 29-year-old GTA real estate agent charged with sex trafficking. Police suspect women in Quebec and Manitoba have also been trafficked by the accused
  • 27-year-old Toronto man arrested for sex trafficking. The young woman says she was recruited over Instagram
  • Operation Northern Spotlight, an operation investigating human trafficking and sexual exploitation, has concluded. A total of 47 people have been charged with 135 offences, including trafficking in persons. The FBI and 40 law enforcement services (including some from Alberta) were involved. The safety of 20 people was ensured
  • 25-year-old homicide victim reported earlier to Ottawa police that she she had been trafficked
  • A Windsor, ON woman shares her story of being trafficked and the importance of having support networks.
  • Manitoba announces new 24/7 toll-free human trafficking hotline
  • Police have charged a 26-year-old man & 24-year-old woman, both affiliates of the London, ON escort agency ‘Fantasy World Escort,’ with sex trafficking. Police have shut down business’s website and are searching for more victims
  • B.C.’s first human trafficking conviction, a case that surfaced back in 2011, has now resulted in a 23 year long sentence for the perpetrator

BC Records First Successful Human Trafficking Conviction

From a case dating back to 2011, the court has now handed down a judgement to a man charged with numerous trafficking, exploitation, and prostitution charges.

The 23 year sentence includes human trafficking related convictions.

More details:

Manitoba Announces Human Trafficking hotline

Klinic Community Health in Manitoba is announcing a new sexual exploitation/ human trafficking hotline that goes in effect immediately.

If you need help, or just want to talk call the Human Trafficking Hotline 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our counsellors are available to provide non-judgemental, trauma-informed care and are here to listen,

Klinic’s Human Trafficking Hotline (toll-free) 1-844-333-2211

Visit the Crisis Support page for details.

2015 US Trafficking in Persons Report Released

The new TIP report has been released, one of the most comprehensive documents available on current worldwide human trafficking trends. You can download the report from their website.

The Trafficking in Persons (TIP) Report is the U.S. Government’s principal diplomatic tool to engage foreign governments on human trafficking. It is also the world’s most comprehensive resource of governmental anti-human trafficking efforts and reflects the U.S. Government’s commitment to global leadership on this key human rights and law enforcement issue. It represents an updated, global look at the nature and scope of trafficking in persons and the broad range of government actions to confront and eliminate it. The U.S. Government uses the TIP Report to engage foreign governments in dialogues to advance anti-trafficking reforms and to combat trafficking and to target resources on prevention, protection and prosecution programs. Worldwide, the report is used by international organizations, foreign governments, and nongovernmental organizations alike as a tool to examine where resources are most needed. Freeing victims, preventing trafficking, and bringing traffickers to justice are the ultimate goals of the report and of the U.S Government’s anti-human trafficking policy.